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Pricing for Dry Cleaning Dresses and Gowns in the Philippines


  • The choice of fabric significantly impacts prices, with delicate materials requiring extra gentle treatment, contributing to increased costs.
  • The intricacy of designs and details adds complexity, demanding extra care in cleaning, thus influencing pricing.
  • Tailored treatments, such as stain removal, contribute to higher costs due to the additional time and effort involved.
  • Geographical factors and convenience may affect prices, with urban areas or premium neighborhoods potentially charging more.

Understanding dry cleaning costs is crucial for effective budgeting and decision-making. It enables informed choices based on financial considerations, as different items have varying cleaning requirements and costs.

In this article, we will unravel the intricacies of the laundry services price list for dresses and gowns, providing you with insights that will empower your choices in navigating the landscape of garment care.

Pricelist of SUDS

Pricelist of SUDS

At SUDS, we recognize that your dresses and gowns hold sentimental value beyond mere clothing, that is why our pricing structure is meticulously crafted to provide exceptional care, tailored to the uniqueness of each garment.

Care Level 1

In our Comfy Care Level 1 at SUDS, we ensure your regular clothes receive the utmost care and protection, covering up to 25% of the Fair Claims Guide Value. With our proven expertise in our services, even the most routine garments will receive the care they deserve, ensuring freshness and quality in every fold.

COMFY (wash-dry-fold)
Regular clothes Php 44 / kg
Blankets & Towels Php 60 / kg


EXECUTIVE (wash-dry-press)
Regular Php 150 / kg
Hanger Php 10 / PC


Care Level 2

Our Elegant Care Level 2 is designed for items requiring special attention, ensuring that comforters, delicates, bulk items, and heavily soiled garments receive the exceptional care they deserve at SUDS.

Handwash can be done for delicate, lacey/silky, and even brand-new items. While more cleaning time, soaking and additional chemicals, and stain removal are employed for heavily soild ones.

Special Wash (no press) Php 145 – Php 190 / kg
Special Wash (with press) Php 175 – Php 250 / kg
Comforters Php 125 / kg

Care Level 3

Experience the pinnacle of garment care with our Premium Care Level 3, where we extend protection up to 100% of the Fair Claims Guide Value. This level is dedicated to items deserving individualized attention, such as signature pieces and those requiring dry cleaning services.

DRY CLEAN (per piece)
Barong Jusi Php 250 – Php 450
Barong Pina Php 300 – Php 500
Suit (top) Php 450 – Php 800
Suit (trousers) Php 300 – Php 450
Gown Php 500 – Php 2,500
Wedding Gown Php 2,000 – Php 8,000


ULTRA CLEAN (per piece)
T-shirt Php 110 – Php 250
Polo Shirt Php 160 – Php 300
Polo Long Sleeves Php 200 – Php 350
Pants Php 160 – Php 350
Blouse Php 140 – Php 250
Dress Php 300 – Php 800
Jacket (Regular) Php 270 – Php 500


ULTRA CLEAN (per square inch)
Carpet Php 0.40 – Php 1.80
Pillow Php 0.50 – Php 1.00
Bag Php 1.00 – Php 2.00
Stuffed Toy Php 1.50 – Php 2.25
Home Service Carpet Cleaning Php 10,000

What Influences Dry Cleaning Prices for Dresses and Gowns?

What Influences Dry Cleaning Prices for Dresses and Gowns?

There are a few important things that decide how much it will cost to take care of your fancy clothes. Let’s take a closer look at these factors:

Fabric Type and Material

Selecting the right fabric for your clothes is similar to choosing ingredients for a recipe.
However, each fabric requires specific care, much like different plants in a garden.

Delicate materials like silk or wool, as well as intricate details, demand extra gentle treatment. Keep in mind that providing this special care may increase cleaning costs due to the additional time and effort required to maintain the fabric’s quality.

Dress or Gown Complexity

Caring for clothing becomes more complex as it involves more pieces and intricate details, much like solving a tricky puzzle.

Dresses or gowns with elaborate designs require the latest technology, time, and careful attention during cleaning. Extra care is essential to maintain the decorations and unique features, which can result in a slightly higher cleaning cost for these fancy clothes.

Specialized Treatments and Needs

When your clothes develop spots or require special care, specialized treatments act like special tools to eliminate stains. However, opting for these extra services involves more time and effort, potentially leading to a slightly higher cleaning cost.

Location of the Dry Cleaning Service

Dry cleaning services in convenient and easily accessible areas may charge slightly higher prices, reflecting the added customer convenience. It’s essential to recognize that various factors influence the pricing structure of such services.

Each business has unique circumstances and expenses contributing to overall costs. Comparing prices and services among different dry cleaners in your area is advisable to find the best option for your needs.

Why Choose SUDS for Your Dress and Gown Dry Cleaning Needs?

Choose SUDS for your dress and gown dry cleaning – a dedicated guardian for your cherished garments. Our Care Levels address specific attire needs, prioritizing longevity and impeccable condition. With transparent pricing, a focus on customer satisfaction, and a perfect blend of quality and convenience, SUDS is your reliable choice.

Key Takeaway

With a range of carefully curated Care Levels, a transparent laundry services price list, and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, our team ensures that your garments receive the meticulous care they deserve.

Trust SUDS for an elevated dry cleaning experience that not only meets but surpasses your expectations. Contact us now for a dry cleaning service that goes beyond expectations.

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