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Suds goes nationwide using technology to bring customers closer

Laundry and technology does not seem to mix together. One is considered the old school, brick and mortar, while tech symbolizes the fast-changing new world. However, using tech and mobile technology, Suds has managed to become the fastest-growing laundry chain in the country.

Doubling in size from 21 stores in 2014 to 42 stores on October, Suds’ rapid growth was spurred by the innovations the laundry chain has designed and implemented into the brick and mortar laundry business. Suds stores have spread from Metro Manila to Baguio in North Luzon, to Cebu in the Visayas and will soon open stores in Davao, General Santos and Cagayan de Oro.

Suds uses the revolutionary franchise-management system called Slingshot (www.slingshot.ph). With a tablet in the stores, the franchise owners can now easily monitor their sales and inventory levels. Should these levels go low, franchisees can easily order goods through Slingshot’s online ordering.

This year, Suds will also launch a mobile app for their customers in order to get feedback faster and allow the customers to get badges or rewards using only their smartphones.

In their facilities, Suds teamed up with Diversey and LG to introduce the the first-ever detergent auto-dispensing in retail and commercial laundry. Typically used only in large-scale industrial laundries, auto-dispensing pumps measure accurately 8 to 10 ml of detergent per load. Because of the high quality of detergents used, Suds uses detergent that is only 10% of the usual laundry. The lower detergent levels help protect the environment.

Through continuous innovation, Suds has turned a once bland brick and mortar business exciting once again.