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Suds Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to own a Suds franchise?

A potential Suds franchisee needs to have at least PHP3M to start a franchise. This could go up depending on factors such as location, choice of washer and dryer brands, and availability of pick-up and delivery services.

2. What is included in the initial investment?

Your initial investment includes everything. Which means, it includes big items such as shop construction, at least 2 washer and dryer, airconditioning etc.

It also includes your marketing packages, operations packages, reception package (computer system, office supplies) down to the smallest items such as pencils and paperclips. We’ve got all that factored in.

Your initial working capital is also included in the initial investment computation.

Contact us for more information.

3. Do I need to have my initial investment all ready?

Yes. The computed initial investment will be used up in about 45 days. It’s best if you are fully ready.

4. What is the Return on Investment?

ROI varies from location to location. ROI would be between 1 to 2.8 years. Contact us for more information and detailed projections.

5. How long before my Suds shop opens?

Our commitment is 60 days upon signing of the franchise agreement.

6. Do you help in looking for locations?

Yes. Upon franchise agreement signing, we can send our start up team to scout your potential location for you and give you inputs free of charge. However, the final decision will be yours.

7. Do you offer territorial exclusivity or protection?

Yes. Suds believes more in the quality of each franchise rather than quantity of shops. Contact us to get more information.