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Franchise Inclusions

1. Use of Suds Trademark and Logo

The use of the distinctive Orange Bubble logo and other proprietary marks are allowed to Suds franchisees.

2. Comprehensive Training Program

The Suds training program is all-inclusive and may require the franchisee as much as 30 days to complete in our receptions and main operations center. This will help you learn all the aspects in the business from operations, reception and the delivery procedures.

3. Continuous Support

Starting with the 15-day personal buddy support after opening, Suds is with you every step of the way. We have designated franchise executives for our franchisees. Plus, we are currently building our intranet where we will place our online troubleshooting guide and chat forum where you can compare notes with other franchisees and with us.

4. Suds Service Program

Having the right mindset in a service business is crucial to its success. Suds has compiled its experience to help guide our franchisee in delivering exceptional service to the franchisee’s customers.

5. Marketing Manual and Materials

Suds believes marketing is a very important tool even for a small business. Our marketing manual highlights our philosophy and shows you what works and what doesn’t and how you can use various marketing techniques to boost your sales.

6. Operations Manual

Suds unique visual-cue operations system is a result of years of fine-tuning. This manual will be your step-by-step guide into all aspects of the Suds operations.

This also covers operational procedure consisting of suggested sales and marketing, employee management, administration, accounting and procurement program procedures that will guide you along the way.

7. Point of Sales and Customer Database Software

Our dual system that acts as a point of sales as well as a customer database. This software helps your business by increasing efficiency and traceability. Crucial reports can be accessed easily allowing you to have data-driven decisions and easier business manageability.

8. Exclusive Territory

Each franchisee will have a guaranteed exclusive territory. Suds believes in the quality not the quantity of our franchises this is why we focus on each individual franchisee. If the franchisee wins, we win.

9. Site Selection and store design assistance

A site evaluation checklist and lease guide will be provided to determine the suitability of the site. Assistance and approval in the construction of the store and the operations area will also be given to ensure store uniformity and to maximize work efficiency.

10. Pre-Opening and Opening assistance

We will guide you in the preparation of timetables and setting up checklist for all pre-opening requirements such as lease prerequisite, procurement of necessary documents, permits and registrations, service and utility providers, list of equipment, fixtures and inventory and assistance in the grand opening.

11. Research and Development

A business development plan is already in place to improve the service to highest quality standards and to be technologically advanced in the field where we operate. Implementation of the plans will certainly gain advantage and leadership in the industry.