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Personal Laundry and Dry Clean

  • Personal Laundry

    • Ultra Care

      Have your items specially washed and individually packed hotel-style. Get it with Suds Ultra Care.
    • Comfy

      Our best selling service. Washed with choice gentle yet effective cleaning agents with antibacterial enhancement, we make sure your clothes are cleaned inside out. It’s not just regular wash-dry-fold, it’s Comfy.
    • Super Rush

      In a hurry? Get your Comfy laundry within 4 hours! We can expedite your laundry needs. Items should be preferably endorsed to us in the morning to have it finished in the afternoon. Just coordinate with your nearest branch.
    • Special Wash

      For delicates and branded items, make sure it’s properly cared for with our Special Wash. Each item is carefully processed and even hand-washed when needed to ensure it looks better, longer.
    • Comforters and Thick Items

      Need to thoroughly clean your thick comforters? Leave it to us. Our special anti-bacterial detergent penetrates and cleans even the innermost fibers so you don’t have to worry. Try our Pack Smart Vacuum Packing with your comforters to save precious storage space!
    • Executive

      Need pressing for your laundry? Try our Executive service. Expertly washed and pressed with an option for starching. Need to travel with your pressed items? Try our Pack Smart convertible garment covers. It protects your Executive items while you are on the go.
  • Premier Dry Cleaning

    Get the complete dry cleaning experience with Suds. We not only care for your clothes during the time it is with us, we care for it even after. Whatever your packaging needs are, we have something to offer. Here are our Premier Dry Clean packing options:

    • Pack Smart Vacuum Packing

      For items that are not regularly used, have your gown vacuum packed. It is waterproof and maximizes cabinet space. Get up to 3X space usage!
    • Memory Box

      Available Soon
    • Pack Smart Convertible Garment Cover

      Protect your suit or gown from dust and insects with our breathable Pack Smart Garment Covers. It converts into a bag so you have the ease of carrying it wherever you need to.

Pack Smart and Boxing

  • Garment Covers

    Protect your investments with Suds’ garment covers. They double as bags so you can carry them easily. Our garment covers are made from breathable fabric.

  • Pack Smart Vacuum Packing

    Organize your travel items. Get more space in your cabinets. We can vacuum pack items like comforters, pillows, baby t-shirts and even gowns and dresses! It’s airtight and waterproof. Get organized today!

Commercial Laundry

Trust us to give you the same care and quality we give to our individual customers. Whether your items are linen or those that come into close contact with your clients, Suds assures you of a professional wash every time.

With Suds, you get:

A professional wash with our trademark guarantee – If you are not satisfied with our wash, you can return the item within 48 hours for a free reprocessing.
Extra care for your items – Harsh chemicals could be degrading the fabric of your linen or towels each time you have them washed. This results to earlier fabric tears. At Suds, we make sure your items last longer by using only gentle cleaning agents, so you save money in the long run.
Prompt delivery – We’ll schedule our pick up and deliveries in advance so you know what to expect.
Items accounted for every time – Our computerized transactions makes it easier for you to follow your transactions.

Contact any Suds branch near you.

We are Proud to Serve:

  • David’s Salon (Calamba, Pacita)

  • David’s Tea House (Calamba)

  • Dermaline (Sta. Rosa)

  • Forever Flawless (Cavite and Alabang branches)

  • International British Academy

  • Montage Skin Science (Imus)

  • One Tagaytay Place

  • Royal Cargo

  • Ton Ton Authentic Thai Massage (Tagaytay)

  • YSA Skin Care Center (Imus)

Carpet Cleaning

Price List

DISCLAIMER: Service availability and price may vary for some stores, please call your local branch for confirmation. Thank you.